About Training Unit

We are serving since 50 Years

Bakery Training Unit is working under the Directorate of Extension, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

It was started during 1968 as Bakery Training Unit sponsored by US Wheat Associates, New Delhi, with the main objective to impart skill oriented training programmes in bakery.

The unit has been imparting training in bakery since last four decades for professional bakers, industrialists, SHG's members, youths, housewives etc. to develop entrepreneurship and to create self employment opportunities. Presently unit is equipped with semi automatic plant to conduct training programmes on large scale manufacture of bakery products by step by step process.

Since from 2006, unit is also include "Food processing " as a component of training for processing and preparation of value added products from different produces of agriculture such as fruits and vegetables, cereals, millets, milk, soybean, spice etc. The main aim of these trainings is to create technical competency and to develop confidence regarding different stages of food processing and product development to become self employed and help them to get employment opportunities in food industries.

During 2008 the Bakery Training Unit received "National Productivity Council award" from Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, New Dehli.

Our Mission

To provide trusted and valued training knowledge, consistently high product quality and outstanding service to all customers (Bakery entrepreneurs, housewives & Bakery owners) and to be Indian best managed Bakery consultant.

Our Vision

To apply strong and consistent production practices and principles in pursuit of our service and value commitments, to generate sustainable economically value added Bakery owners and Bakery suppliers.

Quality Policies

The unit is providing

  • Original recipes with complete details and easy to understand.
  • Impressive service
  • Confidence Building through training

Our Objectives

  • Providing fundamental knowledge on Bakery and Value Addition
  • Imparting knowledge on Bakery raw materials
  • Hands on Training in preparation of Bakery & Value added products
  • Imparting knowledge on Food hygiene, Sanitation and Safety.
  • Costing and Economics of Bakery and Value added products
  • Promotion of bakery and Value Addition industry for economic empowerment.
  • Training on handling of semi-automatic plant.

Specialties in Training

  • Hands on Training
  • Learning by doing
  • Handling of Bakery Equipments/ machineries
  • Project Preparation
  • Costing of Bakery Products
  • Exposure visits
  • Interaction with successful entrepreneurs
  • Lecture by experts
  • Innovative Products Development

Other Services

  • Off campus training programmes
  • Orientation programmes
  • Awareness programmes
  • Sponsored training programmes
  • Collaborative training programmes
  • Exhibitions